Weddings at Hotel & Garden U Holubů Weddings at Hotel & Garden U Holubů Weddings at Hotel & Garden U Holubů

Winter weddings

When the snow arrives at the end of the year, the mountain scenery is transformed into an enchanted winter wonderland. So why not choose a fairytale winter wedding here at Hotel & Garden U Holubů – we’ll organize every last detail to ensure a truly magical day that you’ll never forget.

Retro weddings

Hotel & Garden U Holubů is the perfect setting for a retro wedding – stylish, elegant, romantic, evocative, and completely unforgettable… It’s no wonder that our retro weddings are becoming more and more popular. We provide complete decorations and accessories for a truly magical “taste of the past”.

Summer weddings

There’s no doubt that the summer is the main season for weddings. But if you want to do things a bit differently, why not choose a themed wedding? A particularly popular choice is a nautical theme, based around ships and the ocean – there’s no better way to set out on your life voyage together!  A themed wedding is sure to be a truly unforgettable experience.

Wellness for the bride

A wedding always involves lots of planning and organization – there’s so much to think about! But on the day before the wedding you really should give yourself a break – just relax, enjoy these special moments, and make sure you’re at your most beautiful on the big day.

So why not arrive a day in advance and relax at our wellness centre. We offer comfortable accommodation for you (and your mom or your best

friend), plus a great choice of wellness procedures, champagne and a special dinner. And on the wedding day itself, you can use your room

to get ready for the ceremony.

Autumn weddings

It’s no wonder that autumn weddings are becoming more and more popular – nature herself provides the most wonderfully colourful backdrop, especially here at Hotel & Garden U Holubů, set amid stunning mountain scenery. Nothing could be more romantic. We’ll be delighted to arrange special autumn-themed decorations to create the perfect atmosphere.